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About Us

Our mission is to help you not only create a website, but to make a success of it.

There are already more than a billion websites hosted online, but only around 10% of them are active. Whether it’s an online portfolio, an e-commerce shop, or a new blog, we’re here to make your online presence a success.

XQZit Websites began as a passion project in 2018 and now we want to share our experience of building websites to help everyday people like you get online & actively stay there.

In addition to creating the most aesthetic websites, we also assist by bringing you honest and factual information – from top tips and complete guides, to first-hand reviews and in-depth comparisons, we endeavour to cover the how, when & where to of all things web-design .

Join Us

Anything mentioned on this page, you can either do it yourself / ask us to do it for you. What you gonna choose?

What we offer?

Stunning Websites

We can help you create your blog, an online store, business profiles and the likes.

Learning The Lingo

Website building jargon can be seriously confusing. We explain complicated terms using simple language, so anyone can realize their online dreams.

Online Security

All things SSL, VPN, Firewall and everything in between.

Mobile Optimized
Fully responsive websites, displayed perfectly on mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, desktops and the likes.

Hosting Services

Compare hosting plans for websites of all shapes and sizes

Design your website
Take your site to the next level with our helpful web design guides

Full Website Backup

Monthly backup & storage up to 1 year, with new back-ups overriding the older ones... Giving you the ability to restore content from a version of your website done 12 months ago.

Domain Transfer

For those clients who might have existing websites / a dormant  domain which they wish for us to takeover and revive.

Why choose XQUIZit Websites?

We promise you the world & deliver the Universe!

We have a variety of themes, tools & pricing packages for you to choose from; what's more? If you cannot find what you looking for in our fixed templates, we are capable & willing to work with you in designing your own.

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We understand the reason for our existence: we are here to serve you!

So we leave all the clutter outside the door in all our business dealings, to offer you the best service possible.

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In our organization, we believe that honesty with clients, partners, and employees is a fundamental step to creating great products.

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Our team quickly responds to new requirements and changes, making continuous customization a breeze.

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Our goal is to always provide work that is easy to the eye, yet fully functional & easy to operate; that's why we walk with you every step of the way, to ensure our offering meets / exceeds your expectations.

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Data Analysis

We provide you with tools to measure & assess your online progress & digital impact.

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We guarantee 95% uptime on the quality hardware we use. Active server patching, updates and monitoring

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Thanks to technology, all our services are performed online, from your first consultation right up to delivery / submission.